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This site is still relatively new (i.e. late 2003) but over time we hope to provide you with one of the most comprehensive sets of links to motoring and highway safety web sites available anywhere. Those links are currently divided into the following sections (not all of which are yet complete):

By Subject / Topic

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Road / Highway Safety


Road Safety Conferences & Seminars WorldwideArizona Auto Insurance
Road Safety Organizations WorldwideDMVs and RMVs
Highway Safety Organizations in the USAHighway Conditions (USA) — Construction/Repair Work/Bad Weather etc. (each state)
Highway Safety Info (USA) — State-by-StateMajor Highway Safety Organizations in the USA
Road and Highway Safety — Police SourcesSmaller/Specialized Highway Safety Organizations, USA
Road and Highway Safety — Major Programs WorldwideHighway Safety Info (USA) — State-by-State
State Drivers’ Manuals
State Police (all states)


Worldwide (including some USA)

AutomakersRoad Safety Conferences & Seminars Worldwide
Accident InvestigationsCrash Testing Centers
Crash Testing CentersDrivers’ Manuals
Driving In Other CountriesHighway Codes
Car and Driving Magazines, etc.Research Centers
Car ManufacturersRoad and Highway Safety — Police Sources
Message Boards about Road Safety and DrivingRoad Safety Organizations Worldwide
Police Forces and Police Sources  (many countries)
Road Safety Awards and Competitions, etc.

Major Road Safety Educational Programs Worldwide


Research Centers

List of Famous People Who Died in Road Accidents

StatisticsRoad Safety — a Historical Overview
Vehicle Manufacturers
Links for Younger Drivers