Sir Winston Churchill once famously referred to “lies, damned lies, and statistics” but in road safety we have no other way to measure the scale of the problem, anywhere in the world.


From the point of view of the USA, the sobering fact is that the country made virtually no progress in reducing the per-capita death rate over the ten years from 1992-2002. Indeed, with a reduction of just 4%, America performed the worst out of 23 countries. Click here to view the table.

A variety of reports are available from the Crash Information page, at the NHTSA.

For Europe, the European Conference of Ministers of Transport issued Preliminary Data on Road Safety in Europe, 2003.

One key source for internationally comparable statistics is IRTAD

The source showing the most countries is the Estimating Global Road Fatalities section of the Romania Factbook, though DSA would suggest that some of the data should be viewed with a degree of caution.