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The main purpose of this web page is to let drivers, legislators, safety professionals, police officers, parents of young drivers, etc., have an easily accessible yet wide ranging insight into road safety best practice globally, and through this be in a better position to help save some of the many lives wasted in road crashes everywhere.

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Please always bear in mind that news and information from other countries can be important because — irrespective of irrelevant things like which side of the road people drive on — the laws of physics are exactly the same everywhere, and by checking data from around the world you will gain access to “best practice” and techniques which may not have been considered in your own country/community. Information is deliberately included here from “first world,” “developing” and “third world” nations, as no one country has all the answers. Please note, also, that in some of the articles ‘Drive and Stay Alive’ writers will include glossary-type definitions for readers in different countries. For example, the word “pavement” in America means the road, but in Britain and elsewhere it means what Americans call the “sidewalk” so ‘translations’, in parentheses, may be given.

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