best auto insurance in Florida

What Does It Take To Get The Best Auto Insurance In Florida?

Are You Legally Driving On The Road?

We know that searching the internet for the best auto insurance in Florida is not fun. You have better things to do. So first, we will get right to what you need. The minimums are listed below, and we will give you much more information to help you get the best auto insurance in Florida. After that, you might want to get a quote and enjoy it. It might not be what you expected, but I can guarantee you get to work with agents who have strong Christian values.

#1: Know Your Florida Auto Insurance Liability Minimums

Here in Florida, the liability minimums are $10,000, according to, the same amount as personal injury protection minimums.

2: It’s Important To Get Covered Immediately

It is illegal to drive a car without insurance. Do not drive out on the roads without coverage. It is such a significant risk to take. Please don’t do it.

3: Don’t Drink And Drive

Never jump behind the wheel if you are completely drunk. That’s illegal and stupid. It’s not worth risking your life and other innocent people out on the road.

4: Buckle Up Always

Yes. It is the law to always buckle your seatbelt before driving. Not buckling your seatbelt will land you a ticket.

#5: Be Responsible

You are already searching online for the best auto insurance in Florida. So kudos for that!

#6: Don’t Hide A Body In The Trunk

If you have a body to hide in the trunk in the first place and didn’t laugh at that title, then perhaps we should get the heck away from you. But, hey, look over there! (runs away) This joke is our funny way of saying don’t do anything illegal. Keep up with your license plate renewals, keep your car inspected and don’t drink and drive. Nothing makes you a crappier driver than to have to worry when the cops go by.

#7: Or Mess Around With Drugs

Please don’t put drugs in your car unless you need a few Tylenol. But, even more importantly, stay away from drugs and those who use them. Just listen to that D.A.R.E. campaign and “Just Say No.”

#8: Don’t Text And Drive

Texting and driving are just as deadly as driving under the influence. So please save your emoticons, clever comebacks, and bad auto-corrects when the car stops. Besides, knowing how dangerous texting and driving could lead to an autocorrect that would make horrible last words like “Coming home to crap on the sofa. Yay!” Or “It’s the mailman’s.” Both of which are equally reputation-ruining.

#9: Don’t Daydream About Kate Upton

If you focus on Kate Upton and not the road, you will have a negative outcome. Distracted driving is almost as deadly as texting while driving. In addition, just one accident will stop you from getting the best auto insurance in Florida.

#10: Joseph Gordon Levitt Is A Bad Idea Too

If Kate Upton isn’t your cup of tea, you should probably avoid thoughts of charming chaps like Joseph Gordon Levitt. But, on the other hand, you just looked up “What is the best auto insurance in Florida,” so you probably realize you can find it at So when you think about such things, you will likely find them.