Crash & Casualty Statistics for the USA

  Key Annual Statistics For The USA


Total Road Deaths in the USA42,19643,00542,88442,636
Fatalities per 100 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled (the ‘VMT rate’)1.511.511.481.46
Fatalities per 100,000 Population (the ‘per capita’ rate)14.8014.9414.7514.52
Fatalities per 10,000 Registered Vehicles19.0719.0618.58 18.00


Source:  FARS  (per their figures as of November 13, 2020)

 DSA Comment:   The most saddening and reprehensible aspect of these figures is the failure of the relevant governing bodies to reduce the overall number of deaths year-on-year.

     Most developed nations have made vastly more significant reductions and — in addition — have targets to cut their respective overall road-death tolls by either 40 percent or 50 percent by either 2010 or 2012 (with these variables depending on the specific countries).

     The USA, however, only has a goal to reduce the VMT rate to 1.00 by 2008 (as confirmed by the US DOT in 2004), yet from the above figures alone, two startling facts emerge:

—   the achievement of this goal seems remarkably unlikely

—   even when the VMT rate stays level or reduces, it is quite possible for the total number of actual road deaths to increase (see 2001-02, and 2001-03, above). As a result of this it is clear that a mere reduction in the VMT rate is an inadequate and even negligently lethal goal for such a progressive and otherwise immensely successful nation.

Comparative per capita rates for over 50 countries may be viewed here.