Police Sources

Please note that the phrase “traffic police,” for example, has different meanings in different countries. In some, it refers to officers who stand at junctions/intersections and direct the traffic, whereas in other cultures, it applies to officers on traffic patrol duties in suitable vehicles. Seemingly minor differences such as this should be considered when searching the following links.


South Africa — The Role of Traffic Police in bringing about a Change in the Carnage on our Roads — 09/03


New South Wales — Road Safety and Traffic Management
Northern Territory Police Road Safety Section
Victoria Police — Road Safety Awareness and Information Unit


British Columbia — ‘Traffic Source’ (for those involved in traffic law enforcement in BC)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
— RCMP British Columbia — E Division — Vancouver Island

Continental Europe

News, etc.
Finnish Police — Traffic Safety (in English)
Czech Police launch road safety campaign — 09/03
Switzerland — Police Checks and Road Safety


TISPOL — The European Traffic Police Network
Alcohol Campaigns — Police Activities — Preventive and Repressive Approach (a TISPOL/European Commission Powerpoint Presentation, 05/03)

Far East

Honk Kong — Road Safety Council
Hong Kong — Press Release, 03/03: In love with Traffic Police
Singapore — SSDC Traffic Police Department


Bangalore Traffic Police
Chandigarh Police Road Safety Website (first published on the Web in January 2005)
Delhi Traffic Police
Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE)


Interpol — Vehicle Crime


Police Service of Northern Ireland — Roads Policing
A Garda Síochána — Traffic Bureau (Southern Ireland)

Middle East

Dubai Police Traffic Department
Israel Police Traffic Department
Riyadh Traffic Department

New Zealand

New Zealand Police Highway Patrol Unit
New Zealand Police Road Deaths Figures & Targets