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Distracted Driving — Overview and GuidelinesOct ’05Eddie Wren
US Highway Safety Targets and Achievements are Far Too LowAug ’05Eddie Wren
Racing Drivers are NOT Road Safety ExpertsJuly ’05Eddie Wren
Driving Instructor Standards in the USAJuly ’05Eddie Wren
Young Drivers Not Happy With Cell Phone RestrictionsJune ’05Eddie Wren
Is Vehicle Safety Technology Going Too Far?Apr. ’05Eddie Wren
Fallacy Often Prevails in the World of Crash ReportingMar. ’05Eddie Wren
Make buckling up more than a secondary requirementFeb. ’04Irv Slosberg,   D-Boca Raton,  a member of the Florida House of Representatives
The Red Light District (about indicators and rear fog lights)Feb. ’04Eddie Wren
Braking Requires Decisive FootworkFeb. ’04Alan Sidorov
Hang Up and Drive  (Cell Phones)Feb. ’04Eric Peters
Setting the Wing Mirrors — a Reflection on FashionOct. ’03Eddie Wren
Speed Limits: How Should They Be Determined?Sept. ’03The late Professor Patricia F. Waller, Ph.D.
Creating Safer New DriversSept. ’03Ken Smith  (Fellow, Australian College of Road Safety)
Road Safety: Past, Present, and FutureSept. ’03Ken Smith  (Fellow, Australian College of Road Safety)