Driving in Other Countries


Driving in Africa – Articles and Information

Driving in Namibia

America — see USA — click here

Continental Europe (i.e. not including Britain)

European Driving Regulations, country by country

European Road Signs and Conventions (Continental Europe only, not the UK)

The European International Road Signs and Conventions website is a private attempt to highlight the difference between American and Continental-European standards. It has been written by a German gentleman and has some mildly confusing English phrases and words. It should be treated as being most useful in respect of Germany, quite useful for other Mainland-Europe countries, and of very little use in respect of the United Kingdom.

European Union — overall (i.e. including Britain)

EU Road Transport Laws

Middle (Mid) East

Road Safety in Oman and the Gulf States

A report from the United Arab Emirates gives some insight into the accident situation there.


Melbourne Hotel Bookings.com have a web page that gives details about driving in Australia

Czech Republic

“Come to the Czech Republic. But don’t try crossing the road.” An interesting (if saddening) article, on the Radio Prague website, about Czech driving standards.


Americans in France


Finnish Road Administration — Travel and Traffic Information


The German Way

The US Army Garmisch Area Support Team provide some useful guidelines


Frenzy & Freedom

Hong Kong

Transport Department Road Users’ Code (year 2000 edition)


About Driving In Iceland


This page had to be included here for the humor. For example: ” Do we drive on the left or right of the road? The answer is ‘both’. Basically you start on the left of the road, unless it is occupied. In that case, go to the right, unless that is also occupied. Then proceed by occupying the next available gap, as in chess.” And there’s plenty more where that gem came from. Click here!
More serious guidelines may be found at India Travelight

Road Traffic Problems and Solutions (Goa and — more generally — India itself)
This is an article from the Navhind Times (April 3, 2004)

Ireland — Southern (Eire)

So What’s Different About Motorways? (applies largely to the UK, too)


Useful Information About Driving in Italy


The Nara International Foundation — Driving in Japan

The Japan Guide

The Guide to Tsukuba – (driving a car)


Montrealers don’t hold a stick to Seoul drivers — article from CBC News, Canada


Some Traffic and Road Signs in Malaysia

Travelling On Normal Roads — some guidelines

New Zealand

The New Zealand Road Code for the Internet

Tourism New Zealand webpage: Driving in New Zealand


For the adventurous, the Pak Tribune are advocating that tourists may safely drive on the famous Karakoram Highway (opposite).

If you wish to read about it, click here.

South Africa

Some information may be obtained from the Road Accident Fund website and links from there.


Spanish Residence.com give some basic guidelines to driving in Spain


Safe Driving in Thailand

Trinidad & Tobago

Things you need to know about – Driving


Driver Safety Briefing for Turkey

United Kingdom

American expats living, and driving, in Britain

Driving in Great Britain (a website with some very good info’ for American drivers)

The 10 Most Dangerous Roads in England — BBC

Single-track roads in Scotland


Driving in the USA, for Visitors