Road Safety Trends and National Strategies

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (US DOT FHWA) sent a scan team to Europe in April 2003, to study The Managing and Organizing of Comprehensive Highway Safety in Europe.

The team visited four countries: Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, and Great Britain.

The resultant report gives a very good insight into methodology for three of the top four safest countries in the world, and also, in respect of Germany, a country where large improvements have been made swiftly, since re-unification.

An OECD Transport Division report shows Road Safety Trends in OECD Countries — 1990-2000.

The European Commission’s Third Road Safety Action Plan looks to the period 2002-2010 (PDF). In a separate Europa report, the EU looks to halve the number of road accident victims by 2010 (PDF). Also see:

The UK Department for Transport has published its strategy, until the year 2010. Read the online file. It has also published an Action Plan for the reduction of child casualties by 50% by the year 2010.

In Australia, the Victoria Government have a five-year strategy to reduce deaths and injuries on Victoria’s roads by 20 percent.

The New Zealand Road Safety Strategy, 2010.

Japan is spending billions on high-tech traffic management systems.