Does homeowners insurance cover theft from car?

If you were or are currently a  high school band student, you know that you mostly keep your band instrument in your car. This is usually due to that you have practice after school. While you may think it is safe to store your instrument in your car, it does have its risks. Read below to find out: does home insurance cover theft from your car and where to collect home insurance quotes online.

What if items were stolen from my car?

Sure, you keep your car locked at all times. However, that’s not going to stop someone who wants your instrument. Thieves will do whatever it takes to get to the contents inside of your vehicle. This may be by breaking your windows out or even damaging the locks. You may think, oh it’s just my car, my auto insurance will cover my stolen items especially my instrument. This is wrong according several online Florida insurance quote websites.

When it comes to items that are stolen out of your car, is your insurance responsible for the items taken? If this happens to you, please keep that in mind. Items that are stolen from your car are NOT covered by your homeowners insurance policy according to

Homeowners insurance will help cover your belongings if they are stolen from your home or even your car. The personal property insurance section of your homeowners insurance policy will cover you if your band instrument is stolen from your car. Therefore if your instrument was stolen out of your car, your insurer will help pay for its replacement. Read your policy to determine if items away from your home have a lower coverage limit.

Therefore if you find out that personal items have been stolen from your car, you must act fast. Remember it is also not your auto insurance company’s responsibility to reimburse you for items that were stolen from your car. Contact your homeowners insurance company to make your claim.

Homeowners Insurance Tips

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