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Does Florida Homeowners Insurance Cover Theft From Your Car?

If you were a high school band student, you know you mostly keep your band instrument in your car. Students often store them in their vehicles because they have practice after school. While they may think it is safe to store their instrument in their car, it does have its risks. Read below to find out if home insurance covers theft from your car.

What If Someone Steals Items From A Car?

Sure, they keep their car locked at all times. However, that will not stop the “Florida man” who wants their property. Thieves will do whatever it takes to get to the contents inside of their vehicle. A thief may break a window out or even pick the lock. You may think homeowners’ insurance will cover any stolen items. However, several online Florida insurance quote websites state this may not be true.

Regarding stolen items from your car, is your home insurance responsible for the items taken? Unfortunately, an average Florida homeowners’ insurance policy does not cover items stolen from your vehicle, according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-homeowners-insurance/.

Homeowners insurance will help cover your belongings if stolen from your car, but only when parked at your house. For example, your homeowners’ insurance policy’s property insurance section will cover you if a thief steals your band instrument while your car is in the garage. Read your policy to determine if your carrier excludes covering items away from your property.

In addition, if you discover that a thief has stolen personal items from your car, you must act quickly. First, contact the police and then your Florida homeowners’ insurance company to make your claim.

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