Bumper Stickers And What They Tell You!

Car stickers are automotive tattoos that can give an insight into their owner’s personality, claims the RAC Foundation.


Last year, millions of UK drivers bought bumper or car window stickers – a motoring trend fashionable in the 70s and now undergoing a resurgence thanks to its popularity on the other side of the Atlantic.
But some stickers are such a statement that they can be a road safety hazard, cost the owner up to £1000 in fines, damage the car’s resale value, possibly put the driver at risk of aggressive behavior and make his vehicle a target of vandalism.

“The car sticker is a badge of belonging,” said Edmund King, executive director of the RAC Foundation, ” It clearly distinguishes the tribe with which its owner identifies. Drivers who personalize their cars with stickers are giving away much more about their character than they think.”
What tribe do you belong to? The Foundation has classified the ten lost tribes of the road.