Book And Magazine Reviews Index

Whenever time permits, we will review books about driving techniques to separate those which give good information from those which serve little purpose or give dangerous advice.

An essential aspect of any reviews on this website is that they will be geared strictly toward driving on public roads. So, for example, any book that recommends inappropriate race track techniques for use on public roads will receive criticism here for that very reason.


Books — UK

Born to Be Riled  by Jeremy Clarkson


Books — USA

Everything You Need to Know About Being A Teen Driver  by Adam Winters

High and Mighty – SUVs, the World’s Most Dangerous Vehicles  by Keith Bradsher

A Parent-Teen Manual for Learning To Drive  by Warren P. Quensel

Stickshift Driving — a Woman’s aid to Purchasing and learning to Drive a manual  by Helen E. Orr


Magazines — UK

The Chauffeur  (Launch Issue,  January 2004)

Magazines — USA