Safety Issues Index

The (U.S.) Governors’ Highway Safety Association have brought out a document addressing six main driver safety issues, including: distracted drivers, fatigued drivers, older drivers, younger drivers and aggressive drivers. Click here for the link.


The Ford Crown Victoria is America’s most numerous police patrol car at present but when struck from behind it can turn into a fireball and, at the time of writing these notes, was allegedly responsible for the deaths of fourteen police officers. The Center for Auto Safety have a collection of articles about this dreadful topic.


Modified vehicles: Bigger, riskier — Giving an off-road look to trucks and SUVs makes for a tougher profile, but it can draw complaints and is often illegal. Full report from the LA Times¬† (October 2003)


One safety feature that is often overlooked when people buy new cars is that of conspicuity. Being seen easily by other drivers has obvious advantages, especially in bad weather or at dawn or dusk. We have a small section on this subject,here, and also a part-article about police vehicle conspicuity, here.