Driving Tips

This website is being developed alongside a book that is being written for all drivers, experienced or new. In the meanwhile, we hope you enjoy and use the information given here.

There is a vast amount to learn if you want to be safe on the roads, there is no escaping this fact. But there are many simple little tips and methods that can be used that help.

The first thing to do is clear your mind of all the myths that exist about what makes a ‘good’ driver. A lot of older drivers will — with the best intentions — either tell you stuff that is now badly out-of-date or they will even tell you methods and ‘tricks’ that they have invented for themselves. Either way, you would be very unwise to accept such advice without checking it out.

Have a look at our driving myths & mistakes section to find out which advice is unhelpful or even dangerous. (If you, yourself, were given bad advice in the past please contact us and tell us about it. If suitable, we will add it to the myths section and — if you wish — we will mention your name.)

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