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   DSA Press Release -- Western New York Teenagers Don't Get the Brakes -- May 2005  




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Did you know that over 10,500 youngsters, between the ages of 15 and 24 are killed every year on U.S. roads? That is a far higher death rate than America suffered in the Vietnam War -- and that's just the young drivers!


Western New York is the home of Drive and Stay Alive, Inc., and we are proud of that fact.


Although some of our aims are national, and some are even global, we believe we can do most good for young people right here in our own region because that is where we have the opportunity to have maximum involvement.


We are offering free talks at all 140+ high schools, plus colleges and universities, in the five counties of the Niagara Frontier Region -- and these talks are also available to any other organizations where groups of adults or young adults meet. The talks are designed to broaden drivers' outlook and knowledge by challenging the very concept of driver safety and by introducing "global best practice".


Our talks are based on two principal factors: 


Sadly, the first is that by comparison with the majority of other developed nations the USA actually does badly in terms of the high number of people killed in road crashes(1) -- especially young drivers and their equally young passengers. 


Our second premise is that highway safety is, in fact, an amazingly complex subject and no one country has all the perfect answers. So in our talks we explore different methodologies and "best practice" from the safer countries of the world, and look at how YOU (or your kids, if applicable) can use these techniques to simply help keep you all alive.


Our approach should not be seen as being a criticism of Driver Education. The majority of teachers who perform that role do a good job despite having very limited resources and time, but even so, many other countries have much more stringent training requirements and/or dramatically more difficult driving tests. We believe that Driver Education teachers will be the first to recognize the limitations of the American system and our work is simply intended to take young drivers' minds another step up the ladder, for the sake of their own safety.



(1) IRTAD. See the fatality-rate figures from 1988 thru 2002, here


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Traffic Safety Statistics for New York State and for each NY county



The Governor's Traffic Safety Committee


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News item:  July 9, 2004

"Long Island has New York state's five deadliest roads," by John Valenti, at

....The highest death total of a [New York] road not on Long Island was 33 dead between 1998-2002 -- on New York Route 5 in Erie County. The Cross Bronx Expressway, with 31 dead, ranked seventh, Queens Boulevard ninth, and New York Route 20, also in Erie County, was 10th....


Clarence Center Coffee Co. & Cafe

Esoteric Atmosphere

Eclectic Decor

Exceptional Coffees

Enjoyable Food, and

Effervescent Staff!

(716) 741-8573

9475 Clarence Center Road, at the historic corner of Clarence Center Rd. and Goodrich



We know what can be achieved

This work is not new to Drive and Stay Alive's executive director. He was hand-picked to do an almost identical task when he was a traffic patrol police officer and became one of a full-time, eight-man team that sadly were only financed for three years but had excellent successes in that time. You may read his bio here.


Recently, our executive director helped organize the 2004 Erie County Traffic Safety Seminar for over 20 high schools; he was a speaker at the 2004 New York State Highway Safety Conference, Binghamton (on the subject of international comparisons in the field of road safety); in May 2005, he produced a press release from a pilot survey on the beliefs -- correct and otherwise -- of 200 young drivers at one WNY high school; and in June 2005, he spoke on a television broadcast about young-driver safety by Channel 4 News (WIVB). 


Now, however, it is over to you, for without your support we cannot do our job to help reduce deaths among young drivers and car passengers in Western New York.


You can help us tremendously, either by giving a tax-deductible donation or -- if you are in business -- by placing an advertisement either on this page or on one of over 400 other specialized pages on this website.


Our advertising rates are here, and our donations appeal is here.


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