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French road safety posters are very professional, and even their school students' efforts are superb:

It reads: "The road isn't a video game. You only have one life!"  (Click on the image to see more examples.)


Online Road Safety Videos

Turn up your PC volume then click on the following videos:


Always wear your seat belt

a film about young people

One from Britain looks at the consequences Drunk Driving

For My Girlfriend is an award- winning campaign. Click on the link then click on the "What's it all about" box. 


 Test Drives   

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From the 500+ web pages that you can reach via the navigation bar, below, you will find that we strive to address all of the well-known and lesser-known "E's" of road safety: Engineering, Education, Enforcement, Evaluation, Emergency-response, Example (as in teaching by example) and the after-Effects. In addition, as an essential part of the Encouragement category, we aim to promote the "Enjoyment" aspect of driving, too.


One of our fundamental beliefs at DSA is that road casualties must be seen as a major, global problem and not be the subject of national introspection. Click on the above picture, or below, to view the WHO 'Road Ahead' road safety newsletter





The 2006 Roadmap to State Highway Safety Laws was

published by Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety

on January 5, 2005. You can also check out all 50

American states on the State Highway Safety Law Chart.





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In most other countries, 'Learner' and 'Provisional' plates for young drivers make road users safer. Why are they not used in the U.S.A.?

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